16 November 2017

Christmas Presents

Christmas is coming and our thoughts turn to, well whatever your thoughts turn to I do wish you all a very happy one, whatever you do, however you celebrate and with whomever you do it with.  May I however, ask you spare to just £1 for The Glebe Centre in Walsall?

Recently I launched this appeal 

The Glebe Centre provides many services for vulnerable people in Walsall, from the unemployed to the homeless, those who have addiction problems and those who have mental health problems. Services include breakfast, lunch, showers, clothing plus information and help in training, looking for work and so on. The centre is lifeline for many people and no doubt when the Night Shelter opens very shortly it may see increased usage during the day too.

The Walsall Night Shelter is a joint effort between YMCA Black Country Group (who run The Glebe) and Walsall Council and it will provide a bed for the night for rough sleepers in Walsall for three months this winter.The Shelter although having one full time worker will be run by volunteers and they are still needed so if you feel you may be able to help please use the contact details on the Facebook page

Back to my appeal. The aim is to provide people who use The Glebe with breakfasts, lunches, snacks and treats for a week over the Christmas period and also to contribute to a buffet lunch during The Glebe's  12 Days of Christmas period. If enough was raised it would be nice to think that we could contribute hot chocolate drinks and festive treats for those using the night shelter too.

All I'm asking for is one pound. If everyone who reads this made that one pound contribution we would easily exceed the target.

Please click on the picture above of HERE to view the appeal and make contribution and put a smile on the face of someone you don't know this Christmas who isn't perhaps having the best of times at the moment.

Thank you

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