5 October 2017

Watching the Neighbourhood

Thanks to beech Village NW in Hampshire for this one!
It all seems to have gone quiet on the a follow up public meeting or at least I've not seen anything (please if I am wrong tell me!) however, with everything that has been going on in Aldridge in recent times, there is a forum where residents can meet and discuss crime and safety concerns. Not only that but there is a member of our local Police team present too.

It's called Neighbourhood Watch.

Neighbourhood Watch has an unfortunate reputation, not at all based upon reality, of curtain twitching. The reality is that it is about building strong, friendly and active communities where crime and anti social behaviour is less likely to happen.  It isn't just about working with the Police but with other agencies, including the council, to make a local community better.

Local coordinators provide a point of contact for a small locality, that could be a street, a multi occupancy building or part of a road, delivering leaflets, collating information from their neighbours. They are the backbone of the organisation.

To discover which Neighbourhood Watch area you belong to, pop along to this SITE and enter your postcode. You'll see that for a WS9 postcode there appears to be a selection of NW groups however, I am not entirely sure as to whether all of them remain active. There are two however, that are definitely active and that is Aldridge North  and Aldridge South. If you click on their names on the web page it takes you to a map that clearly marks the boundary lines of the group.

The first action I urge you to take if you are a member of the Facebook community, is to click on both groups and follow them. There is some cross over between the two areas and it's always good to be informed about the whole community!

If you live in Aldridge South then the next meeting, which happens to be the Annual General Meeting is next week. Details:

Aldridge South Neighbourhood Watch
Annual General Meeting

7.00 PM

Aldridge Police Station Training Room

The training room is situated at the rear of the Police Station. Just take to the right hand side of the station. You can't miss it.

If you have concerns about what has been happening in your neighbourhood in recent times then please do come along. From what I have seen the meetings are pretty informal and friendly. The public  meeting held in July was well attended and clearly residents of Aldridge care about their community, so I really urge everyone in the Aldridge South area to come along and then we can start to make a difference to our community. Coordinators are desperately needed and it doesn't take up too much time! The stronger we are, the more we can do. Together. Let's make a difference. Together.

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