15 April 2017

Planning for Sundials

My recent blog about proposals for two sundials in Aldridge Village caused a little controversy.  This is good. My aim was to draw attention to the project because so few people in Aldridge were aware of what might happen. That aim has been fulfilled with the post becoming my most viewed ever.

I am pleased to let everyone know that there is good news with regard to democracy and accountability. I have been in correspondence with Councillor Tim Wilson and he informs me that Mr Cooke has been informed that a planning application will be required for any proposed sundials. This means that should any applications be made, then everyone who wishes to make a comment either for or against the proposals, will be able to do so.

Good news indeed.

Other issues have been raised through research into this subject and I shall revisit them with you all. We all need to participate in local decision making if we want what is best for our local community.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through the less than savoury aspects of attempting to ensure that accountability and democracy are promoted.