14 November 2016

Village People

My (already) well thumbed copy!
 I was very happy last Wednesday to attend the launch of a new book about Aldridge at Aldridge Library. The book "Our Village" is written by Sue Satterthwaite and Len Boulton.

As you may know both Sue and Len are the stalwarts and leaders of the Aldridge Great War Project. The ultimate aim of the project is to create a permanent historical record of people from Aldridge who served in World War I and they and other volunteers are busy  tracing and recording everyone they can. It is hoped that a hardback book will be published detailing all the information but this is an expensive project, especially if the cover price of the hardback is to be kept at an affordable price.

"Our Village" has been published with the hope that valuable funds will be raised for the project, so get your purses out! The book is available from Aldridge Library, Simply Delicious, Croft News, Covent Garden, Lynda's Pets and Plants and The Thomas Project. It will also be available in Walsall at The Local History Centre and Waterstones. Price is 5.99 and it's value for money! I have read the book from cover to cover, examined the maps and enjoyed the photographs. There are some lovely stories and memories and some rather tantalising trivia. As usual when Sue is involved with a book, it is well written, well researched and interesting, written in a way that appeals to everyone. This will make a lovely Christmas present.

If you now live far away from Aldridge and would like a copy then get in touch with Sue and Len at  aldridgegwp@outlook.com  and they can arrange for a copy to be posted to you. Postage will be about 2.00.

If you know of anyone who served or lived in Aldridge during the Great War do contact the project on the above email address. Sue and Len would be very happy to hear from you.

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