3 November 2015

Sweet Sixteen

Around about the same time of day that I am writing this now but 16 years ago, my waters broke and my daughter's journey into the world began. The journey had its moments as all labouring does but she was safely delivered and in perfect form with all fingers, toes and so on, to two ecstatic parents 12 hours later in the dark hours before dawn on the 4th November. In order to impress upon her Father just  who would be in charge right from the word go, she duly allowed the meconium stored within, an exit or maybe an entrance, all over him the first time he held her. Bless!

As a baby she was a joy, never too demanding and allowing us a decent amount of sleep between feeding. She smiled within days of her birth and that smile lit up for everyone who came into contact with her and they became smitten with the simplicity and beauty of that smile.

A few years ago now Father Christmas asked me if she had been a good girl that year. He was disbelieving when I replied that she had been a good girl all of her life. It is however, true. I have never had to raise my voice to her, never had to discipline her. She has been a golden girl for 16 years now.

Like her brother she is fiercely independent and scarily intelligent and as the common denominator to my children I would like to think that my genes have something to do with both traits but alas I can claim no credit for the latter, for she gets to grips with concepts I cannot even fathom and she works so incredibly hard with a determination I can only dream of when immediate enlightenment does not fall.

At six weeks old she was attempting to form words and speak. Crazy. We encouraged this and sure enough, by the time she was just one year old, she could string two or three words together in a basic sentence. It is fair to say she has a gift for the English language, both oral and written. This coupled with her imagination, wild, free and unlimited in its capacity means that it has always been an incredible pleasure to talk with her and to read her writings.

For many years she was my shadow and was with me at every turn. Now she is a young woman, maturing, evolving and what was once a noon shadow is now an early evening lengthening. As it should be.

She has been a wonderful gift this daughter of mine not just to me and her father but to the world. I could wax lyrical all day and night about her and her achievements, which are many but I'll not embarrass her any further and merely say, Happy 16th Birthday my beautiful, brave, intelligent, loving, wonderful, girl. I love you.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute, as evidenced by the chill that ran through my body while reading these words. - G