4 November 2015

A small piece of the history of Aldridge Manor House

As we know Aldridge Manor House Youth Club will close soon and the building and substantial grounds will then be placed on the open market and a little slice of history and a building used by generations of people in Aldridge, will be lost to the village. I do however, have some good news!

Last week I received my copy of Sue Satterthwaite's new book "A Patriotic Endeavour - Aldridge Manor House as a Military Hospital 1915-1919" and it is brilliant! Sue has managed to pull together all the relevant source material and tells a story that is probably unknown to many residents of Aldridge. She tells it well, bringing events and people to life once again.

There are some lovely stories within and some that hint at scandal! What shines through though is what a different place Aldridge was then. The people really came together to get the hospital up and running and there are some real heroes and heroines. I was fascinated by the glimpses given of some very interesting people who made Aldridge their home including a militant suffragette!

The book is part of the Aldridge Great War Project and all profits will go to this worthwhile local project.

It is now on sale for £9.99  at the following outlets:

Walsall Garden Centre
Aldridge Library
Lynda's Pets & Plants - Lazy Hill 
St Thomas' Project - Lazy Hill 
Simply Delicious
Croft News
Waterstones - Walsall
Walsall Local History Centre

If you're looking for a special gift for someone for Christmas then this book is ideal. As I say, it is well written, beautifully presented  and of interest to all ages.

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