11 August 2015

Riding solo

Whilst we were in France I ventured out on the bike once again with my security blanket also known as Aiden. It had been a while mainly due to an awful bout of vertigo that left me virtually immobile for eight weeks. Even walking down to my Dad's house, ten minutes normally, became a marathon, with every step feeling as though I was walking through thick vegetable soup. I carried on with normal life as much as possible but some days it was impossible. I've never endured an attack that has lasted so long before and I sincerely hope that I never have to encounter one of such length again.

Riddians Bridge
So today I took the bull by the horns and risked a ride on my own and I am so glad that I did. It was a little gloomy when I set off but the weather improved as the ride   progressed and ended in glorious sunshine.

I took off down to Longwood Bridge and made my way along the canal to Rushall before risking a little road cycling before joining NCN5 up to Brownhills and a return to Aldridge along the canal. I can report no dizzy turns and only one prat of a driver!

I never get over just how rural the canal from Longwood feels and sounds. Buzzards were calling, swallows swooping down to the canal, mixed flocks of finches dropped from shrub to shrub and the dragonflies were busy never being still. Heaven.

Goscote Valley is looking gorgeous at the moment, go on, surprise yourself, take a walk down there and see for yourself the bounty of blackberries waiting to be picked and the wonderful array of bright and loud late summer colours lighting up the fields.

I felt so good the mind was allowed to roam free, with the visual delights providing fuel for the mind. Yes Walsall really does provide a feast for the eyes.

It was good to feel a little independence once again.

Goscote Valley


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  1. Great that you are feeling better and getting out and about!