14 March 2015

Just a normal Saturday morning in Aldridge

5th July 2008 and Aldridge was doing what it should do more often; being lively.


Walking to the local supermarket this morning. I pass the off licence and just to the side next to the Chinese Takeaway, there is a an elderly lady, dressed in her Berketex best, hair rinsed blue, looking eminently respectable. She looks around, doesn't see me or anyone else, opens her hand bag and takes out a can of Tennants Extra, opens it and downs it one.

One minute further up the road is the Methodist Church. Outside there is a congregation of about 100 people. Nothing remarkable in that at all. However, they are all wearing loud t shirts, even louder Bermuda shorts, snorkels, flippers, masks and some are carrying blow up palm trees. Oh yes, they are singing hymns which sounds rather strange through snorkels and the like.

Did I wake up in a parallel universe this morning?

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  1. I've just discovered your blog - excellent stuff! I'm also aspiring to be a mad old baggage!! Have a lovely day �� x