4 October 2013

Further News on The Manor House Aldridge

I complained to Walsall Council about the break of promise in holding a further public meeting regarding the future of The Manor House and the Youth Service in Aldridge.

The response is below.

Couple of points. The so called minutes of the meeting are not minutes but a log. They are inaccurate and misleading. I was the person that called for a further public meeting and was told that there would be one. There are lots of witnesses to this including councillors. Furthermore, tweets from Walsall Council indicated that a further public meeting was being planned. Previous blogs detail all of this.

Someone is lying.

Yes, I shall be taking this further. I'll let you know the outcome in due course.

Oh and I saw no evidence whatsoever of 250 flyers. 13 people attended. I do not consider this to be because of apathy but because there was virtually no publicity. Walsall Council relies too heavily on their own social media for publicity. This meeting wasn't given any other publicity by local bloggers/twitterers prior to the event. With a few lines in the local freebies, the drop in session was doomed to failure before it began.

And perhaps I'm being a little cynical in noticing that the drop in session was arranged for a date when local councillors were all busy at a local community area meeting and therefore could not attend to face their electorate.