9 November 2012

Save Walsall's Green Spaces and Countryside Services -NOW!

Park Lime Pits looking stunning today despite the gloomy skies

I've been a little busy since my last bog and I fully intend to bring everyone up to date with everything over the weekend. In the meantime I have this very important link to share with everyone. It is a petition to Walsall Council to save our Green Spaces and Countryside Services. The Service is facing savage budget cuts in 2013 leading potentially to a loss of 2 Countryside Rangers and 4 Senior Park Rangers. More later but please, I implore you, if you live, work or study in the Borough of Walsall, SIGN the petition. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. I signed that. I went to the Lime Pits once, I didn't like it much. Merrions Wood was the best one I have been to in Walsall.