7 June 2012

Cycle Summit 2012: Policy, infrastructure and safety

A little while ago when we were experiencing out travails with WM Police and we embarked upon a campaign to have our voices heard and attempt shaming them into listening to us, I started following various people, groups and campaigns connected to cycling and cycling safety on Twitter. One of those groups was the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group. Imagine my surprise today when I discovered that I had 'won' a free place at the 1st Annual Cycling Conference; Cycle Summit 2012

I feel elated about this especially having examined the agenda. Since WM Police did start to treat us as we should have been treated right from the moment Aiden was knocked off his cycle, we've been actively involved with reshaping their policy with regard to their attendance at RTCs involving cyclists and I feel that this summit will help inform me even further. I'm just an ordinary old baggage if a little tenacious at times but if our experiences help others in even the smallest of ways then some good will have come out of what was an extremely traumatic event.

I shall blog all about it in due course and hopefully it will promote a local debate at the very least.


  1. You both are to be seriously commended for you wonderful actions!! xx

  2. Great stuff, Linda. Congratulations, and I am absolutely sure that you will make the most of this opportunity. Timid cyclists like me (My Dad finally bought me a bicycle when I was 20 years old) would be confident to venture onto roads if there were greater awareness by all of their vulnerability. More cyclists on the road, more awareness, more cycle lanes (that don't just come to a full stop at the most inopportune moment) - and a virtuous "cycle" begins.....It's so different in Holland and Germany.