27 April 2012

Same old scams....

They say they oldest are the best or something along those lines so maybe that's why I discovered today that a scam that first circulated a couple of years ago is alive and well and still trying to pull in the unsuspecting into parting with their cash.

Down at my Dad's today, he celebrates his 80th birthday in a couple of weeks but is still capable of youthful quickness of thought when necessary, I walked in to the living room to witness him advising someone on the telephone that yes. they had the right name but the number must be wrong because all the computers at the Mental Health Trust were all fine. The call continued for a few minutes longer with Dad insisting that the caller had reached some Mental Health Trust and that the computers were all fine. Eventually he lost his patience and rather impolitely advised the caller that they should go forth and multiply.

I asked who the call was from and he replied that is was that Indian fella again. What Indian fella I asked. The one that keeps telling me my computer upstairs is causing madness and mayhem in the town because it's filled with viruses says Dad. Now that computer upstairs runs with Windows 95 (remember that?) and has never to my knowledge, been connected to the internet. So it must be this old scam still playing then.

Apparently Dad keeps getting calls offering him once in a lifetime opportunities to buy shares too. Guess he must be on some gullible  list but goodness knows why because Dad is still sharp as a knife on stuff like this and has never fallen for anything like that. That's my Dad but my reason for publishing this is to remind people that some older (and younger for that matter) do fall for scams like this and it's always worth publicising so that more money does not make its way to any more sleaze balls pockets.


  1. Absolutely. Was this 24/7 PC Care? They are quite active at the moment and yes, they are a scam. I actually turn the tables on the scammers now. I string them along then put them on hold listening to music while I say I need to get a pen. Well, it's their phone bill.


  2. No idea who it was Nick because it was Dad that spoke to them not me. I suppose that whilst you're keeping them busy with music they're not able to torment someone who isn't so aware!