9 March 2012

A Change of Plans

My last bike ride was 8 days ago. It seems like a lifetime ago but in may ways it was because of Aiden’s life changing accident. I shall still continue to cycle for I adore this new activity with a passion but alas the charity rides will have to go by the wayside for now. This saddens me immensely.

I have no doubt that I could do the Mac-Ride without too many problems. The Aberdovey Ride organised by Officers of West Midlands Police was always going to be the tougher proposition but both were to be undertaken with Aiden, my inspiration and my mentor as well as my soul mate and partner. There is no way that I could do either without him at my side. This may seem a little unlike me to those who know me well and know how independent I have been throughout my life. I’ve never been daunted by doing something on my own but going on a holiday alone or walking alone are completely different propositions to cycling 100 miles twice on my own. This is particularly so as although I would be surrounded by many others, I would be alone in the crowd and that is a daunting prospect for this elderly woman.

The plan was that we did these rides together and the sad fact is I cannot do either of them without him.

Many lovely and beautiful people have already sponsored me and for that I thank every single person from the bottom of my heart. I cannot unfortunately refund you from Just Giving but what I hope to do is persuade MacMillan to allocate what has already been given to another shorter ride later this year that I can do on my own and want to do on my own. To contact them is on my to do list but as you can imagine at present that list is a mile long but I will get around to it.

I still aim to cycle regularly and I hope that one day Aiden will feel able to get back on his bike, if that is indeed physically possible because it is not a given and once again we can enjoy cycling together.

Tomorrow I shall be leaving Aiden in the safe care of my daughter (and son!) whilst I whisk off for a couple of hours because I noticed yesterday that in the week I hadn’t been cycling spring has arrived. There are trees in blossom and daffodils in bloom and I need to get out there, smell the air, sniff the spring and enjoy the beauty of nature that is free to all to appreciate. I shall even dismount and sniff the flowers and give thanks for the blessings I have. To be honest I need a little time on my own allowing my mind to wander and be free. Many lovely people have told me that at this stressful time I must find time for myself and so I shall take their advice in the morning, ignore the growing mountain of paperwork, ironing and housework, oh and real work too, get on my bike and feel the wind on my cheeks and for a little while shelve the hell of the last week and recoup my zen.

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  1. "Elderly woman"...my arse! My wife is about six months older than you and if I called her "eldery" she'd hit me!

    I hope you can enjoy cycling with Aiden again one day, before too long.