6 May 2011

Nurturing a Sense of Pride - part 2

I've received some criticism from unexpected quarters over last nights post so I would like to clarify a few things about my vision!

I have two main rants; firstly schools do not appear to take advantage of what resources are available in their locality, meaning that parents are continuously being asked to fork out for expensive trips to far flung corners of the country, meaning children suffer over long and arduous journeys when there really is no need. So the local schools and teachers need educating about what the locality (and by that yes I do mean Walsall but also the wider central Midlands which is blessed with incredible resources) and you cannot do that without Serco who will not do anything without pressure from the local council.

Secondly we cannot leave everything to a certain type of parent. Educate the youngsters and to a certain extent you can re-educate the whole family. Introduce a child to something that they enjoy and then sit back and wait for pester power to kick in.

My vision isn't just about taking young people out on nature walks! If that was all that my own school days had offered me on out of school activities then even I would have got fed up! It's more integrating what has to be taught through the curriculum with what is available locally. There are environmental, geographical, geological and historical aspects as well as the personal development side and citizenship. The point I was trying to make is that if our young people are introduced to the wealth that surrounds them, they start to care for it and by doing that we make our local society a better place to live.

I could go into greater detail because I have really thought about this but I will not bore you all to death but I will attempt to take this vision of mine a little further.

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