7 May 2011

From the Top of the New Art Gallery - no overall control

I was must have been feeling mighty brave this afternoon as I went out onto the fourth floor terrace at the top of the New Art Gallery in Walsall and took a few shots of the town from my itsy camera. My legs were wobbling when I returned inside!

The new residential canal side development, now nearing completion

Over the town, the famous BOAK chimney (grade 2 listed) and a faint outline of the Black Country towards Rowley and Dudley

Railway line, tax office, red light area...yes there is one there just ask the staff in the tax office.

BOAK again

St Matthews Church

Towards the new college

Mike Bird's monument aka Tesco built where the old college used to be and the new college in the background

Tameway Tower and the flats of the Chuckery

St Matthews again

Town Hall Tower...couldn't spot the peregrine falcons today

It all still looks the same as it did on Thursday before the Tories lost control of the council. I hear a rainbow coalition has been proposed...if we get one, can we have a truth and reconciliation commission too?

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