6 May 2011

Employers Training to recognise Domestic Abuse

From Aldridge Village Business Partnership and a wonderful idea open to all employers in Walsall:

Employers train to recognise domestic abuse
POLICE in Walsall are supporting a new training scheme set up by Walsall's Domestic Violence Forum, aimed at employers across the borough.

A number of one-day training courses, the first of their kind, will be held at venues across Walsall during May and June and anyone who runs a business is encouraged to book a place.

Employers will learn about safeguarding their business and their staff. Professional speakers will give guidance on creating a domestic abuse workplace policy and they will gain awareness in identifying victims of abuse.

Three dates and venues have been confirmed, with capacity for 20 delegates: 19th May, 20th July – St John's Church, Bloxwich and 17th June at Holiday Inn Express, Walsall.

Sheri Rogers, the Co-ordinator of Walsall's domestic violence forum, said: "Research informs that domestic abuse costs the economy over £2.7 billion every year.

This course has been designed to highlight domestic abuse and allow companies to put strategies in place to help their business and their staff.

The Home Office state that at least 1 in 4 women will suffer domestic abuse at some time in their life and a great many of those will be in employment.

The work place could be the only the time they are away from their abusers and is an opportune time for them to ask for help.Employers may be dealing with really vulnerable people, who may have been so conditioned; they feel they have to guard every action and what they say. They may take a lot of time off to hide the abuse and it may affect their productivity at work.

The one day programme will give employers valuable guidance in how they can help and identify victims.We can give them advice on how they can put measures in place to safeguard their staff and their business.By putting simple measures in place, such as helping with financial advice or being approachable, can help the victim.

If they have left their abuser, the work place may still be the only constant in their life. This may place them and their colleagues at risk of serious harm within the workplace.

I believe that once employers are aware of what domestic abuse is and how it affects their staff, they will be better equipped to deal with it."

Sergeant Trudy Runham, from Bloxwich police station, said: "I believe that this is a very valuable course that every employer should consider attending.

This is an important educational course to help with our continued campaign to tackle domestic abuse. The course will give people a real insight into what a victim's life is like.

It will also give the delegates valuable information of who they can contact if they want further advice, with the police being one of those agencies they can turn to.

Hopefully this course will allow further early intervention and could potentially save lives."

To book a place on the course you can contact Walsall Domestic Violence Forum by calling Tina on 01922 406767. You can email rogerss@walsall.gov.uk or alternatively visit the websitewww.wdvf.co.uk

If you are a victim of domestic violence and would like further advice you can contact Stepping Stones confidential help-line on 0800 389 5790 or call Walsall police on 0345 113 5000.

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