2 March 2011

A hoax scam

Yesterday my Spring edition of the South Aldridge Watch popped through my letterbox. This is the magazine for the local neighbourhood watch scheme. My attention was perked by the article shown aside.

I fully appreciate that these magazines are mostly put together by volunteers and I applaud their commitment and the time that they dedicate, however this little piece is a well known hoax that has been circulating for the best part of a decade and a quick check on the excellent snopes.com reveals all.

Goodness knows we have enough sad people in the world that spend productive hours in formulating scams in order to relieve the less aware from their money but I do find it very sad that a local neighbourhood watch magazine perpetuates the 'we're not safe from anyone' myth so prevalent today. A little check on the internet takes less than two minutes to reveal any hoax and therefore ensures that people are not unnecessarily scared by such tales.

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