17 December 2010

A Vote for Someone You Can Trust!

I make no bones about this being an unashamed request for your vote. Not for me but for my daughter.

Back in summer holidays she entered a short story competition run by Arriva Buses to write a story, real or fiction, about a memorable bus journey. She is one of the four finalists from the Midlands Region.

So I ask you to follow this LINK and vote for Shakira. I hadn't read her story until it was published (she keeps things close to her chest) and I wouldn't be asking for your vote unless I thought it had some merit. I think it does.

That's Shakira, Walsall age 10!



  1. Linda
    Voting done... when I voted it was already 871% far ahead of other contestants..She has already won. Congratulations to her and to you too.

  2. It's early days yet! Thank you again Snehal.