2 July 2010


I miss your arms around me, holding me tight, keeping me close. In bed I drifted into sleep with those arms around me and when I woke in the morning they were still there wrapped around my form as though I were some parcel marked 'fragile'. Those evenings watching our favourite TV programmes or a DVD, snuggling on the sofa, arms and legs entwined, a glass of red wine and soft, sweet kisses. The meals alone, candle light flickering across and illuminating the face I grew to love so much. Our laughter peeling together, sharing an anecdote or a joke or just life. The late night phone calls when were not together, letting each other know that at the end of the day there was someone in the big wide world that cared. I miss the touch of our fingers seeking the other out. The smiles of shared moments. The spontaneity of hugs from nowhere. The smell when I buried my face in your neck.

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