26 June 2010

Summer Days with You

Summer days with you. Long walks holding hands. Through fields and woods, the shade from the trees flickering over your smiling face. Dipping my hot feet in the freezing waters of a stream and you laughing. Carefully making my way over stepping stones only to slip on the final one and you surreptitiously taking photos recording my progress. Finding a bench or patch of land to eat our picnic and then enjoying the peace and solitude of that special place. Talking, chatting, discussing, sharing and golden silences when nothing needed to be said. Cream teas overloaded with suggestion and the promise of a night to come. A pint at the end of the day. Always touching. Kisses stolen and kisses displayed and feeling like a teenager once again. Summer days with you.


  1. Oh Linda, this is a poetry...!!
    you could be a successful writer if you take to writing full time...!

  2. Thank you Snehal.....funny but you're the second person to say that to me in 3 days and the writing they were commenting upon has not been published on the internet but somewhere else. Personally I don't think I could be successful but it's good to dream!