15 May 2010

Love, football and irony

Two years ago this weekend I went to London for a couple of days. My first weekend without responsibilities for many years and so I went to reclaim the past as mine, lay ghosts to rest and I ended up having a ball. Portsmouth won the FA Cup final and having gone down to Covent Garden that evening, I celebrated with them. It was one of those days after the break up with the Ex that life was good and I knew I was going to enjoy life and all its challenges.

Fast forward to July last year and out of the blue love found me again. It was so exciting because it was so unexpected and although it was hard to learn to trust again I had no doubts.

Ironically exactly two years on, Portsmouth are at Wembley again today and yesterday I lost my love. My mood could not be further from the bouncy, joyous woman two years ago and it is hard to face and deal with my emotions but it will be done. But I want Portsmouth to do me a favour this afternoon. I want them to win. I will take it as a omen of better things to come when one is at their lowest, as both me and Portsmouth FC are.


  1. Portsmouth lost I see, but I doubt whether this will have any influence on your life in the future. I'm trying to be helpful here. Keep your chin up and put the past behind you. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, make the most of it.

  2. Thank you SOF and I think you're right. I was hoping for the underdog and maybe looking for a sign but you are right, I doubt the result will have any influence over the future. Every day is the first day of the rest of my life; it is something I try to do, live for the day which rather ironically (again) is why I lost my love. C'est la vie.

  3. Hi, Linda. Glad I happened upon your new blog but sad to hear what happened yesterday. I know from your old blog you have gone through quite a few very difficult situations and more than survived. I hope things get better soon.

    P.S. I wanted Portmouth to win as well. Bugger!

  4. Shy! How lovely of you to pop by. I would ask how you are but I maybe I should just check out your blog. Hope you are well my friend and that life is treating you and your loved ones well.
    Thank you for your kind comments. Guess I am a bit of a survivor, just wish I remembered how you do it.
    Don't worry I will not tell Sarnia that you were supporting the wrong team! She will know I was cos she's a friend on Facebook....you should join us xx

  5. Hi Linda! Things have been "interesting" for me over the last year or two. I must admit that's not something that's reflected in my blog possibly because life hasn't changed dramatically and I'm still, basically, plugging away. As for Facebook, it falls into the category of things I must get round to doing : most of my friends have migrated there from MySpace and I suppose it would make sense if I joined them.

  6. It takes all of five minutes to get started on FB! Do it and then look me up...please :-) As you can see I don't blog that often because I got lazy with FB! Hope you're not just plugging but enjoying too xx

  7. Hi Linda. I've joined Facebook and tried looking you up but there are hundreds of Linda Masons. Are there any clues you can give me to narrow down the search?

  8. lol! email me your real name at taxwizzard@gmail.com and I'll find you! Then I'll recommend you some friends :-)

  9. Well, it's good to see you are still posting from time to time, and you've turned over a new leaf too! I have tried to change my blog name, but couldn't write a word, so will have to stay with the old one.
    Sorry to hear things didn't work out with the new man, but I know you will bounce back and get on with whatever life brings your way. I hope it will be good things.

  10. Hi Linda.

    I remember you as Mags on the old Five Live station message board. I always enjoyed reading your comments and exchanging banter with you on everything under the sun (except of course, cats).

    I cam across your blog through Gavin's page, and I'm really sorry to learn that you have been having such a difficult time lately.

    Life really can be so testing sometimes, and I find it difficult to understand how God can allow so much suffering in our world. Yesterday I attended the funeral of a teenage boy who drowned at the weekend, whilst swimming in a lake, and I just cannot imagine how his parents and family are going to get through this. I have never seen such a devastated couple.

    I know that it is difficult to imagine at the moment, but from my own past experience, there will be brighter days out there, and of course, Portsmouth FC won't always be propping up their league table.

    Hopefully you have something pleasant planned for the summer months, perhaps a little holiday, a weekend get-together with some old friends, or maybe a new hobby. I am hoping to start violin lessons, but I already have much pity for my tutor. I hope he has the patience for me!

    Keep up the excellent blogs, and all the very best to you.


  11. How lovely to hear from you Marianne after all this time. As you're probably aware I didn't change the name of my blog; this is a completely new one because I had to leave the past behind....after a suitable period of mourning that is! I shall po by yours and catch up but I do hope that all is well in your world for you so deserve that to be.

    Stewart, so lovely to hear from you too! Thank you for your lovely comments. I miss the old boards and people like you. Always a chat or a debate or an exchange of banter. You can't do that on the Five Live blogs and so I've given up now. They seem so pointless.

    Violin lessons!!!! Yikes! I'm glad you don't live close by. I'm sure you teacher will have lots of patience for you....I bet you're a prodigy just waiting to be discovered!

    And I'm fine btw. Like always I bounce back or maybe that should be like a nightmare, I always return!