3 February 2010

Here's one I wrote earlier......

I posted this originally as a note on Facebook last October. It came about as a result of the friend suggestions I was getting on my Facebook home page. I'm still getting them!


I've been having some mighty peculiar friend suggestions just recently. They're not something I normally notice, glossed over like all the ads however I am wondering where on earth and how on earth these suggestions some about?

Sure, those who are friends of friends I can understand. For example my son has recently joined in with FB. He refused previously because it was something his mother used and was therefore meh, confined to oldies but now he has succumbed and is by all reports annoying the poop out of everyone but not me. Oh no, he will never be friends with me or any other members of his extended family because we are family and therefore not worthy of his teenage attention! Fortunately not all teenagers are so infuriating and I am friends with one of his lovely female friends who is totally adorable and a male friend who likes a Mommy hug now and then(you know who you are!) and so of course as Baris is friends with she and he, I get the suggestion because we have a mutual friend.

Then there are the suggestions of people who happen to live in the same town as me. I can understand where those come from but hey, this town isn't that big and if I'm not friends in real life why on earth would I want to be an FB friend with someone who lives around the corner and has probably reported me to social services or the police or the ASBO peeps at the council or even all three?!!!

Some of the others though. I keep getting suggestions that me and Jonathon Ross could be good buddies! Why? I mean he's OK but I wouldn't say I was a fan and I don't ever recall uttering his name on FB. And Lisa Tarbuck? For goodness sake! Have I slipped onto some celebrity 'Z' list that Lisa is on too? John Cleese? Well OK I spoke to him on the telephone once and yes he was lovely and so polite but I don't think he really wants to be my friend....does he? Well if he does I could end up with a friend list of celebrities as long as my legs on the basis that I once spoke to them but then I happen to have had one of those jobs where famous people are ten a penny and to be quite honest are no different from the rest of us mere mortals and no I don't want to be friends with Jarvis Cocker or Holly Johnson or even Jasmine Le Bon and Liz Hurley and I definitely don't want to be friends with Marti Pellow after what he proposed!

I digress....

The one suggestion that has had me laughing off my chair and across the office floor has been for the woman my Ex had an affair with, proposed to before he even let me know he was seeing her and had split up with before he even left me. I mean! It's not as if I ever saw her profile...for obvious reasons lol.

So what programme comes up with these suggestions? Any information would be gratefully received.

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