3 February 2010

Back in Blog World once again

Once upon a time in a life long ago, I blogged regularly. Then something happened and for a time the blog and the friends I had made through it and message boards became an outlet for my pain. Gradually I mended and as we all do when something shatters your world I became a different woman; perhaps a little more cynical but also much more aware of how life should be grabbed by the short and curlies and that I did have a great capacity for happiness, something I had forgotten about over the years.

Several times in the last 6 months or so people have asked me why I don't blog anymore and encouraged me to do so once again and other people, who never knew about my alter ego 'Mags' have asked if I had ever considered blogging. So I'm back.

This isn't going to be the warts and all that Mags had. I shall try and keep it more diary like plus lashings of rants about whatever might be annoying me that day if the karma and meditation aren't working!

Welcome to my world :-)


  1. Thanks Mark. It's good to be back and as me this time too! I'll get around to posting links soon and you will be there.